Pests Are Like Us

Everyone has had pests in their home at on point so we can all relate to how annoying they are. Pests are very annoying little creatures and can be very stubborn too which makes them very hard to remove out of your property. Believe me, I have been there done that, it is not something you want to get yourself caught up with. They can hide virtually anywhere in your property, even places you wouldn’t even imagine them to be.


In my opinion, it is vital you include pest preventative measures your property to reduce the risk of an infestation. Pests love our homes as much as we do, why? Because pests have the needs to what us humans have. We require a safe environment that provides us with, water, food, warmth and comfort and so do the pests! The infestation that I had were mice in my back garden. Now this mice infestation wasn’t due to my lack of housekeeping or to do with me in general but if I had pest preventative measure already in place I would have been fine. I called pest control sutton coldfield to lay down pesticides and traps in my back garden.

Ancient Garden With a New Addtion

I recently purchased a water feature to go into my back garden. I have always loved water features and I had a good look for a water feature that would fit perfectly with the style I have in my back garden. I have an ancient Chinese theme to my back garden with a fish pond too that contains koi carps (my favourite fish). I purchased this amazing water feature of a dragon spraying water from his mouth. I wanted this water feature to be linked in with my pond that I already have if it was possible.


I called a drainage specialist to have a look and see if it was possible for me to link the water feature I bought with the pond that I already have. The specialist said it is completely possible he just will require an extra land drainage pipe and a few alterations here and there. I was very pleased with this news and not long after, I now have the perfect water feature in my perfect garden!

Buying A Hot Tub

I was in need of a hot tub for my home because I had already done a lot of research on hot tubs and I know now that I do want one but I am not sure where to start looking for one. I tried searching online for hot tubs for sale because I knew I couldn’t afford to spend about 3 – £4,000 on a hot tub, well I could, but I don’t exactly want to.

hot tubs

While I was searching for this hot tub I came across a website that had a wide selection of hot tubs available for me to buy. I found a hot tub that looked perfect for me and it had 4 seating arrangements which is ideal for ultimate relaxation and for sharing with friends. I did manage to buy a hot tub a few days ago and I really love the sensation of the warm bubbling water, it really relaxes your muscles and body. I would recommend purchasing a hot tub if you have the money to spare. They are so worth it believe me.

Our Kids Dream Holiday

I recently took my wife and kids out to disney land for their holidays. This is a place my kids have always wanted to go and to be honest I thought it would be a lovely holiday too. I knew that going to visit disney land would be almost a dream come true for the kids, this is why I chose to take them there.

promotional pens

We stayed at disney land for 3 days and those 3 days were the best 3 days of our kids lives. They were so happy and thats what made us happy. We took loads of photos with the disney characters and had a lot of fun on the rides. The hotel we stayed in was very nice too it had everything you would expect and more such as a games console! I remember when we went to visit the gift shop, this is the pace where my kids just went completely crazy, they just wanted everything the shop had on display. I just made sure they bought some printed pens and some stuffed toys.

Take Control Over Your Water

Are you looking to start taking control over your water usage and start saving a large amount of money? Are you looking for one of the best ways in which you can start saving money? If this is the case then you are looking in the right place. What I am going to cover today is one of the best ways to take control of your water usage and finally start saving yourself some money whilst doing so.


Many of us have tried to cut down on our water usage, I know that a lot of you have probably started to try things like turning of the taps while brushing your teeth, having baths instead of showers etc. These ways are good but they aren’t quite good enough because you cannot keep on track of how much water you are actually using. Water tanks are the best way to keep on track of your water usage because you can monitor the water levels very easily and you can store a very large amount of water too.

I Am Ready To Stretch

I have been looking into getting my ears stretched recently and I feel like I want to start the stretching process. I know this process is serious and I have read and done a large amount of research before I decided I want to get my ears stretched. I understand that it is a long process and requires a lot of patience and cleaning.


I have already bought an ear stretching kit. It is a surgical steel kit full of tapers and plugs of different sizes so I can gradually increase my size with ease, hopefully. I am very excited to finally start stretching my ears, I think stretched ears look so cool. What I like the most about stretched ears is the jewellery that is available for stretched ear lobes. You can get some really unique and creative jewellery that I would love to buy.  One of the main reasons as to why I want to stretch my ears is because you can make room for bigger earrings and that is what I like the most. I feel like my standard piercing is too small.

Do You Jewellery Shop Online?

I know a lot of you like to do jewellery shopping online and there is nothing wrong with that. Why wouldn’t you? It is easier to search for the exact thing you are looking for, you are able to browse through a lot of different jewellers within minutes and you are able to be in the comfort of your own home. This all great however nothing quite beats the feeling of going out and having a look at the jewellery in hand and right in front of you. Not only do you get a better idea on what it looks like, you are also able to try it on and purchase the item straight away and walk away with it without waiting days on delivery.

birmingham jewellery quarter

When it comes to buying jewellery the only place I like to go and visit is the jewellery quarter Birmingham because they offer the finest jeweller and there are many jewellers located in this areas which makes it very convenient to shop around before you decide on what you like.


High Security Shredder

I recently purchased a paper shredder because I have got such a backlog of paper work I need to dispose of and I do not want to just throw them into the recycling just because a lot of the paper work is confidential and business documents which I can’t afford to let loose in the wrong hands. You may think this is over kill but believe me when I say this, there are people out there who will try their best to get hold of important information about you.


I decided to looking for paper shredders online. I was after a modern paper shredder and one that has a high security shredding purpose. I did some research and I cam across a website that breaks down different types of paper shredders. Wo would have thought hey? On this website I found out that the best shredder for this job is a cross cut paper shredder and ones like these can be found on paper shredder specialist websites. I found mine on shreddy go go.

Where I look For Engagement Rings

If you are looking to buy engagement rings what better place to go other than Birmingham. Located near central Birmingham is the Jewellery Quarter. The Jewellery quarter is a place that offers high quality jewellery and jewellery that is very unique, the jewellery quarter has been round for many years and has slowly built a solid reputation of selling the finest jewellery. One of the most popular jewellery you can find here are the engagement rings Jewellery Quarter. Engagement rings are usually very expensive, they even cost mote than the wedding ring.


I done a lot of searching for engagement rings in the last few days in order to try and find this perfect engagement ring. Most of my search consisted of online but this was very convenient but also not as great as seeing it in real life and in front of you.  For this reason I headed straight to the jewellery quarter because I knew that the will offer me a very high quality unique engagement ring as well as having all the jewellers close.

Located The Car

I have a new car now and I did a lot of searching to try and find it. My Search consisted of going out and visiting the dealers directly and searching online whilst trying to locate a car dealer near me. After a long time searching for the right car (I had a hard time finding the car with the exact needs I was after). To my surprise I managed to find a car near me, this was a very hard task because not only was I really fussy with the car specifications I also needed to locate one near me.

for sale car

I managed to find it by searching online for used cars staffordshire. After I searched this term I found a website to a car dealer who had a whole range of cars available to choose from, he even had super cars. I am very pleased with my purchase and this car has been doing me good since I bought it, and that was 3 weeks ago. Hopefully it stays strong, not like my other car.

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