After A Low Budget Paper Shredder

I have been after a paper shredder for a while now. I was after a low budget paper shredder because I need to sort out my paper work and I think they are handy piece of equipment to have at home or in my office. I wanted to find a cheap one but most of them are very expensive.

When I say very expensive…  I mean it. Very expensive. I was actually surprised to see how much paper shredders can be priced at! Paper shredders that I was coming across was around £100 even £1,000 plus!

Aurora shredder

Theres is no way I am going to pay that much for a shredder when in my opinion they all do the same thing. I looked for cheap paper shredders online and I found a website called Shreddy GoGo. They have an amazing website and that was the first thing that attracted me and interested me in buying from them. They had a handy live chat feature on their website so I wasted no time at all to find a paper shredder in the price range I was after. I spoke to shreddy the bear and he advised me to check out the clearance section. When I got to the clearance section I noticed many shredders in the price range I was after. I was very happy and relived that I found a trusted seller of paper shredders and they genuinely offered me a great product at a great price. I couldn’t be more happier.

Do You Know What Underfloor Heating Is?

I know what underfloor heating is do you?


I know many of you may think you know what underfloor heating is but you may lack the in depth knowledge about how this heating system works and why it is a great alternative heating solution.

What’s underfloor heating then?

There is a massive clue in the name “Underfloor heating“, but for those who are still unsure I will further explain.  Underfloor heating is a new alternative heating system that works by heating up your entire flooring whilst warming up your rooms from the ground up.

How does underfloor heating work?

This heating system works by rods that are evenly spread across your flooring that are powered and heated up by electricity. The heated rods are connected to your mains.

Why is this good?

There are many reasons why underfloor heating is good but I will put up a little list and briefly explain why.

Underfloor heating is good because:

  • You will benefit from warm flooring
  • The heat is distributed evenly
  • It has little running costs and it can save you up to 35% on heating bills!
  • It doesn’t require maintenance
  • It frees up space in your home
  • It is out of the way
  • There are no sharp corners or hot surfaces you can easily get in contact with

And many more…

One of the key benefits like the heat distributed equally is crucial for any heating system. If you can imagine for instance a fireplace, the way a fireplace distributes heat is from one focal point. This will cause the heat to be extremely hot when you up close to it but colder as you move away from it allowing cold spots to form. With underfloor heating your whole floor is essentially a radiator so there will be no hold spots due to the way the heat is distributed.


To find out more about underfloor heating please click here.

I Was Handed A Promotional Pen

I was given a promotional pen from a client last week and when I was hand it, my initial impression was wow, this is very smart. It was stainless steel and had his logo n it that changed colour in different angles. The pen was amazing, I was so amazed by it that I thought of how I could utilise this same technique to promote myself and my services.

promotional pens

What I liked the most about the promotional pen is that a pen is practical and there will always be need for a pen no matter how good technology gets. The other thing that I really liked was how stylish the pen was too, because the pen looked nice and had an amazing logo print on it made me really like the pen so I would feel a bad throwing it out. If it was just an ordinary pen I wouldn’t even care, I feel that this would be the same with most people and the fact that the company logo and details are on the pen, makes the promotional pens a powerful marketing tool.

Starting My Driving Lessons Yet Again

I was looking for driving lessons in Birmingham again because I took a break of learning how to drive because of the winter. I didn’t want to learn how to drive in the snow and bad weather conditions I just wasn’t confident enough if I am honest. The driving instructor I use to use has also quit his job as a driving instructor so I can’t use him to learn anymore unfortunately, this is why I was looking for a new driving instructor.

Cartoon Car

I wanted to find a driving instructor who teaches me at my pace and not just set out tasks for that lesson. I learn better when I am getting taught at my pace no matter how fast or slow that may be, because I like to push myself. I eventually found a driving instructor through a friend of mine who has good experience with this instructor as he has passed with him. The driving instructor is called I too am currently taking lessons with them and I am enjoying learning how to drive again and the instructor is very good too.

I Don’t Recall Ever Needing a Plumber!

I was looking through some plumbers yesterday and I found a plumber who could deal with my problem that I had. The problem that I had was that the pipe that was connected to my tap was leaking. Yeah I know, it is a very common problem but to be honest, I had no idea on who to call because I don’t recall calling a plumber before and if I did I can’t remember any details form the plumber.


I had a look through a directory to find a plumber in my area. I found a plumber that said he can come straight away and that was perfect for me because I did want the problem fixed as soon as possible. So this was ideal. He came round my house within an hour and fixed the problem within a few minutes. I was so happy with is service I decided to take note of his details and call him again whenever there is another problem with my plumbing. The pipe is perfect now and has been perfect since.

Tap in my Back Garden

I was looking to install a new tap in m back garden so it is a lot easier for me to maintain my garden and to have quick and easy access to water in my garden so I can feed my dog too. I was looking into installing a tap in my garden for quite some time but I thought it would be a hassle due to the drainage pipe and plumbing etc so I decided to wonder if I shouldn’t


Yesterday I did call a plumber who said he will have a look and if there aren’t any complications then he can fit it in within 2 hours. I was very pleased, he came over to my house and did a quick inspection and said it is completely fine to install a tap here and it won’t take long either. He was right! He had it fitted in and fully working within 2 hours and now I have a tap in my back garden. I ams so happy because it is o much better and saves me time.

I Found A Diamond Ring I Really Like

I was looking to find a jeweller who would provide me with a very elegant but fashionable diamond ring. I have been saving up to buy a diamond ring for a long time now. I have always loved the look of diamond rings and I have been looking at a lot of them recently hoping to be able to buy one soon. Now that I have the money to afford a very nice diamond ring I tarted to have a look around properly to try and find one that means a lot to me. didn’t just want to buy a traditional diamond ring because it would be too common and therefore wouldn’t mean much to me.

platinum ring

I did a lot of searching before i found the right ring. I had a look online on many jewellers websites and I came across a jeweller in the jewellery quarter. I noticed that diamonds rings jewellery quarter are very popular so I decided to head over there as I live close to this place. The variety was unbelievable and I found a ring that I fell in love with.

Improved Method To Save Money On Water

Are you looking for and new and improved method on saving huge amounts of money on your water bills? Have you tried a lot of methods in the past to try and save money and they haven’t worked? Well, if your answer to this question is a yes, then you are looking in the right place. What I will be covering today is exactly that so you too can benefit just like I am.

So what is this new method and why is it so good? The best way to save yourself a huge amount of money on your water bills is to install a rainwater harvesting system. The concept of rainwater harvesting is collecting run off rainwater for re-use. The new and improved method is by collecting run off rainwater from your roof tops then the water is filtered and stored in a water reservation tank. The way the system looks like is better explained in the diagram below.



The reason why rainwater harvesting is so good is because rainwater is completely free. So with this system you are making use of a free resource so you no longer have to pay large amounts of money to supply water than is purified. Apart from the one off cost of the installation you will save money in the long run.

Time For Expansion

I was thinking about having a loft conversion done in my home. If you are wondering why I am thinking about a loft conversion for my home, it is because I think that the loft is a part of my home that isn’t used and is a waste of a good potential room in my home. I also could do with the extra space room in my home because we only have a 3 bedroom house. Although the house is only 3 bedroomed, they are 3 big bedrooms.

I decided I wanted to get a loft conversions done because I want to expand my family but we don not have room for expansion due to the bedrooms. We currently have 2 kids and we want another child. moving out into a bigger and possibly better home is an option but it is not one we are willing to take because we love this neighbourhood and the facilities around it.


We have looked into loft conversions Birmingham before but we are yet to find a company we want to go with to start this project.

Purchasing Underfloor Heating For My Home

I went out and purchased underfloor heating for my home. The reason why I went out of my way to purchase this new heating system is because I thought about  changing my central heating in my home for a while now. Th central heating in my room was very bad to say the least. It is very old and has been in the house since I moved in a many years ago. This is one of the reasons why they are bad because they are so old and not as efficient as they use to be and this is costing me a lot of money in the long run trying to heat up my room, they also look horrible too.

underfloor heating mats

I bought underfloor heating because I was having work done on my flooring and I thought it would be a good idea to install underfloor heating because I know it is more efficient that central heating as I get warm floors too. One of the best things about underfloor heating is that the room looks so much better now that I have had the central heating removed. I am also saving money too!

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